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Above Ground Pool Installs

Why choose Woodies Construction Service?

I spend the time discussing with you the location of your new on ground pool.  After we designate a location we go over what type of pool is best to fit your desired location.  I spend the time to properly prep your site as well as make sure the foundation is solid.  Your pool will be installed and level with in 1/4 of an inch.

Round or Oval?

Do you know what pool shape and size best fits your yard?  Many individuals want a oval pool but when you get down to discussing the size and location an oval will not fit your site.  In some cases an oval is the better option.  I will schedule an appointment with you to  go over the location for your new pool and the size and style which best matches your site location, yard and your ideas for a deck.

Pool Replacment

Do you have an existing pool that is ready to retire?  I will discuss fees for removal of the old pool and replacement of a new one.  We will discuss if you are keeping your existing deck or a portion of it, or staying with the same size or style of pool you previously had.  If you have a full deck and want to keep it we will discuss the additional costs that may arise when dealing with and existing deck.

Ordering your new Above ground pool

I deal with a couple of suppliers of above ground pools and liners.  All of the places I deal with offer exceptional products, while they may not be the lowest price, I can guarantee the products they supply are of top quality.

Purchased your Pool already?

I will install any above ground pools purchased by other suppliers as well as online stores.